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Over 35 years of experience.
founder Ron smith

strong background

Ron’s range of experience in the waterproofing industry spans almost three decades. A Dayton resident since 1991, the Cleveland native began his foray into waterproofing and concrete in 1996. As a laborer, Ron quickly learned the ins and outs of the waterproofing business, including new construction waterproofing systems and concrete structural repair options available to stabilize home foundations. Ron expanded his knowledge to commercial high-rise buildings, eventually overseeing large crews building hotels in Columbus and other major cities throughout the tri-state area. Ron “hits on all cylinders.” Not only does he know everything about the waterproofing and concrete processes, but he also understands each facet of running a business. From laborer to production manager to VP of operations, Ron has done it all. He is also personable and reliable, traits highly valued by his customers. Ron’s consummate professionalism has earned the trust of many local REALTORS®, engineers, homeowners, and property management companies.

Ron and Jennifer, his wife of 26 years, have strong roots in the community. Three of their four grown sons live in Miamisburg. The couple enjoys spending quality time with their granddaughter and four grandsons. When Ron can be pulled away from work (his first love), he can often be found camping or fishing on summer weekends. He’s also an avid league bowler. He is quick to point out, however, that he is always available to answer a call about a leaky basement!